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So this is going to be a real challenge. If you know anything about her canon, please please please tell me how I'd be able to play her better!
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So Saya is... a very triggery character. She comes from a canon with rape, torture, murder, cannibalism, pedophilia, tentacle sex, and just about every messed up thing you can think of.

Luckily, she's not the type of person to bring any of that up to other people, but all of this hits rather close to home for her seeing as she was involved in all of it, both intentionally and unintentionally.

There are a lot of warnings for her. I know this may make it extremely hard to interact with her character, so feel free to cut off conversations at any time or PM me about not wanting her to contact your character again (or even in the first place!)
While her history is not Lovecraft, Saya is a Lovecraftian monster. What does that mean? Let's just say most people can't look at her without going insane because her form is so blasphemous to the human mind. You can't hear her voice without wanting to either run away or destroy the thing that emitted that sound. She does not look like her icons. Her form in those icons is what the main character of her canon sees her as, but he's a little... let's just say crazy.

Can your character face her without going insane? Yes, actually! But not suddenly. If your character is into the occult and deals with demonic creatures regularly (not just horned people with different coloured skin, but the type of creatures with guts falling out, skin peeling and maybe eating human eyeballs or something), then there's a good chance that after the initial shock, you may retain your sanity. (I'm not certain how much it would increase a person's paranoia, though.) Otherwise, you can also face her if you slowly prepare yourself to face someone like her. Prolonged communications with her, maybe, and brief glimpses of just parts of her may slowly build an immunity. Saya is not out to cause people to go insane, after all. It's a thing she can't control.

Now let's go beyond physical appearances. This is where it might get a little scary. Saya is incredibly smart (trumping supercomputers when she's bored and solving math equations that may not be solved in hundreds of years within a day) and has the ability to alter the biology of animals. Humans, specifically, so aliens and robots are currently safe because it takes some, um, particular and thorough genetic samples before she can learn about other species. Samples that I really, really doubt she'd be able to get her hands on so let's not get into that.

But what does that mean? It means that she can change people. Fix them, or break them. If she knows the DNA of the species, then she has the ability to fix terminal illnesses, brain conditions, and anything-everything in-between. It's not beyond her abilities to trick a missing limb into growing back or trigger a latent ability in their brain or genome. I say this because she at the peak of that ability is the ability to physically alter human beings until they resemble... anything else. Even her. And they won't die.

Let's just say in advance for her: the 'can I hug/kiss/be in a relationship with Saya?' questions...? The answer's an outright no right now. You can fight her and injure her, but she's also got a ridiculously fast healing ability (probably connected to her ability to affect a body), and it is really really hard to kill her. Gunshots won't do it, but repeated blunt force trauma would do the trick.

WHICH LEADS TO THESE PERMISSIONS! (Wow, that was long, wasn't it?)

I'm hesitant to even as the 'can I...?' questions because her abilities are so invasive. Everything involving her abilities being used will be discussed with the mun of the character she's playing with. Therefore, this isn't so much a 'can I' as a 'are you interested...?' If you're not, I won't contact you about it.

1. How stable (1-10) is your character's sanity? Being able to look at her straight on may require a 12 at least, but 10 means they may be able to build a tolerance easier, although she still wouldn't ever appear in their presence voluntarily. And 10 doesn't mean 'nothing fazes them', but more that they're easily able to bounce back from mental trauma. 'Nothing fazes them' is generally quite vulnerable to depletion in sanity. 1 means they're already certifiably insane, and she might actually not mind being with those people because... what more damage can she do?

2. How sensitive is your character's sense of smell? Because Saya smells bad. Just as she can't be seen, sounds like nails against chalkboards and static, she also smells like rot and disease, which accumulates over time since she likes staying in one place. She's going to stay as far away from people as possible, but those with sensitive noses may be able to smell her lair if they wander too close. (For example, with humans, they could smell the rotten from the next house when she stayed in one place for three months.)

3. Are you interested in having your characters 'changed' somehow? Elaborate? Physically, mentally, emotionally, anything. Saya can perform brain surgery just by inserting her tendrils through open orifices to either hurt or heal without leaving a trace of what's wrong or right. This will, obviously, have to be plotted out in detail and can be easily reversed by her. So if you'd like your character with enhanced senses for a while, or some strange illness or whatever, it may be possible to play out through her!

4. Any other pertinent information? Exactly as that says! \o/ If there are any questions here, I'll do my best to answer them!

...Also, I don't describe what Saya looks like because only one person in her canon managed to look at her and keep their sanity (so she's never been 'seen'), and that one person was her Papa.
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player information.

name: Shamera
are you over 18?: I'm three-- I MEAN.
personal dw: [personal profile] shamera
email/msn/aim/plurk/etc: aim: kl0tho, plurk: [ profile] shamera
characters in abax: Hope Estheim

in character information.

series: Saya no Uta (Song of Saya), which is actually an H-game visual novel. ^^;;
name: Saya
age: about... 2? Since she was discovered, anyway.
sex: female
race: ???
weight: 50lbs
height: 4'4
[OPTIONAL] cause of death: Giving birth
canon point: Ending number 3
previous cr: n/a

history: Wikipedia.

The wiki page may not say enough, but that's mostly because she doesn't have much background information. Saya is young. She can't be more than two years old, actually, and most of that time was spent protected in an underground room with an old doctor and professor teaching her things about Earth. Her first year in this world was documented by Dr. Ougai, who kept a diary remarking on the leaps and jumps in progress that Saya made. He was a bio-medical professor with an acute interest in the occult, enough that he built a room underneath his vacation house in order to practice rituals and summonings. It was on one such summoning that he managed to acquire Saya, who back then had no name and no knowledge of self. Ougai showed an incredible resilience to his sanity as he not only did not move to automatically kill Saya, but also sought to teach this horrific creature that suddenly appeared in his safe room.

Ougai documented Saya's learning process and remarks repeatedly on how amazingly fast she learned-- everything from language to Mersenne prime numbers (which she managed to figure out more of within a day before she lost interest than the world's greatest supercomputers), and her excitement for learning and loneliness about how she's the only one of her kind on Earth. They spoke on history and philosophy and sciences, and Ougai reveled in Saya's ability to "rewrite genetics". He taught her everything he knew and then left her numerous books afterwards, and on the year anniversary of her "summoning", named her after the daughter he never had.

Despite her monstrous form, Dr. Ougai truly loved her and wished her only the best, even after he found out about the intentions of her species. In that aspect, Saya had been truly loved even before the game started, and she acknowledges this with her search for Ougai after he disappeared, months of looking for him at his house and eventually the hospital where he worked, looking for her "papa" and even agreeing to live with Fuminori after he promised that he would continued to look for Dr. Ougai for her.

The actual events of the game are covered by the Wiki page, as the story is told from Fuminori's point of view.

Saya is a product of not only her biological background, but also a product of humanity. One could easily say that she's a monster, one sent to "destroy" all of mankind, since her species is almost a parasitic one-- traveling to different worlds and dimensions and then taking over the dominant species of the planet via genetic knowledge of them, but Saya is extremely... human. She identifies herself as female, for one, when it could be said that she has no gender. She likes pleasing people she likes similar to how a young child like pleasing parents and older siblings. She can be as uncertain and petty and jealous like humans are. She can be as cruel as they are. In fact, Saya can largely be defined by a very human loneliness, and most of all... by a very human love.

One thing that has to be understood is that Saya is not human. She is in no way anything like a human being. She is not human, doesn't resemble a human, and looks nothing like her icons (she only looks like that to the story's protagonist, Fuminori, who has a brain disorder). Actually, you never get to see how she looks like through the novels on the basis that her real form causes insanity. Her species is one that travels to different universes in order to reproduce since only one is needed to take over an entire planet. She is biologically built to be intelligent and superior, and all she really needed to do was determine the dominant life on Earth and grab a sample of its DNA before she could alter the entire world. There is no flaw in her genetics and no flaw in her species' methods... rather, Saya is who she is because of our cultures and histories and beliefs. Her race is meant to assimilate all life and knowledge... yet in learning about human culture, Saya became more human and doomed herself and her chances of conquering this planet.

Why? It's strange to think so, but love may be the greatest hindrance there is to reproduction, especially in her case. The easiest matter for mankind would be to sleep with everyone, no strings attached. Perhaps that would have been like what Saya's race does as they conquer planets-- take over what they needed and then change the biological code for the entire planet. But Saya, in her year with Dr. Ougai, learned about love and romance and how very important and powerful it supposedly is. And to her, reproduction would be impossible without love being a factor... but truth be told, what human would be able to love a creature such as her in a manner like that? It was because of that lack of love that humanity may have been saved from Saya's touch... and it was eventually for that love that Saya chose to die and have her children reshape the world.

But that's getting into the story rather than her personality, and her personality so much closer to a teenage girl's. At times cruel and petty, and other times loving and fun. Despite her species' priority to reproduce, Saya may be more human than most humans, understanding philosophy and science and history and why people needed love and how they could feel so very lonely by themselves. She is ultimately brilliant and understands more than anything that besides her "papa", no one in the world could ever love her, at least not until Fuminori and his brain condition arrived. She knows that to human eyes and human ears, she is the epitome of hideousness. She understands all too well (and takes advantage of it in petty little pranks at the hospital) that her form could only bring madness in continued contact. She is truly an eldritch being, and one who could never ever possibly be loved.

Thus, much of her development through the novel is because of the fact that Fuminori loved her-- and loved her enough that he would give up the rest of the world in order to stay by her side. She once described herself as a dandelion seed in the desert, unable to do as she was meant to... to turn the barren wasteland into a beautiful garden because she lacked that one person who could care about her and help her grow. Love makes up a great part of her being-- so great, in fact, that every ending possible has Saya giving up something extremely precious for the sake of love: two of the endings take her life, and the one has her give up Fuminori and her entire purpose in life in order to keep him safe.

Saying that, Saya is very young emotionally and extremely sensitive... she cries easy and loves those who love her. Dr. Ougai has observed before that she had a very weak ego and didn't care much about being acknowledged as an individual. Her desires are very basic... to love and be loved in return, and to do whatever she can to make those she loves happy. Outside of that, she doesn't really care about people, possibly because she can't allow herself to. It would be much too hard for her survival if she cared, after all, understanding that those who catch sight of her would either immediately freeze and lose their sanity or try to kill her... or in most cases, both. Thus, Saya limits her circle of acquaintances down to less than a handful... only two, actually, since she only associated with Dr. Ougai and Fuminori. But that doesn't mean she avoids people in general, as she's extremely childlike and all children need contact in order to grow. But Saya is very careful as to who she sees or talks with-- she usually visited mental patients in the hospital on a nightly basis because no one would believe the blabbering of someone already insane. She frequently asks Fuminori what would make him happy, and does her best to fulfill what he asks for. She can be extremely cruel in her methods, though, uncaring of those who she doesn't love. In canon, a neighbor had berated Fuminori on his lack of yard upkeep, and Saya decided to use him as an experiment to see if she could cure Fuminori's condition. A girl who had been expressing interest in Fuminori became a present to him as Saya made sure she would never be able to run away.

Saya is extremely diligent when it comes to the emotions of those she cares about, but when it comes to the people beyond her circle of love... well, they may as well be troublesome animals to her. It's not a 'because they're human or not' thing, but rather a because she loves them thing.

First things first: Saya is a true eldritch creature and very, very Lovecraftian. What does that mean? Well, for one, with the exception of Dr. Ougai who knew exactly what he was getting himself into and studied for years on the most terrible things in existence, everyone who has ever been in contact with her has gone insane. For most, it takes just the slightest glance at her. For the few, it's a few seconds of exposure to her form before they completely snap. There are, however, methods to build up one's sanity tolerance so that looking at her wouldn't drive a person insane. Dr. Ougai managed it, even if it was included in his years of occult research.

Another thing is that Saya is incredibly smart. Ridiculously smart. She can learn languages in under a week from nothing at all to go on. She can solve complicated math problems in hours that many supercomputers linked together wouldn't be able to do for years. But adding that is the fact that she's young and not interested in solving problems like that, like a person bored of Sudoku after a few hours and doesn't want to go back to it for a while. Saya is also an expert on the human genome. Genetics are her forte, programmed directly into her biology, and Saya has spent her last year studying the human DNA so that she can manipulate it on a whim.

What does that mean? It means that Saya can physically change people; rebuilding them from the very foundations of their genetic code. She can easily perform brain surgery just by inserting her tentacles into someone's head. She's changed people twice in her canon with varying results (once so that a man would perceive her as beautiful, but that backfired on her dramatically... not because of a lack in her knowledge, but because she hadn't anticipated the very human reaction of lust; and once when she physically turned a human girl into a creature just like herself), but without a good reason, Saya lacks the motivation change people. It's easily possibly she could fix all their diseases and problem, void birth defects and cure allergies. It could be that she's already done all of that for humanity with the ending of the game (but without an epilogue that tells of what happened after, it's almost impossible to tell).

Furthermore, Saya has the ability to learn about other species as well if given some of their DNA to analyze. Dr. Ougai had her studying and recreating rats long before she got her hands (er. tentacles) on the human genome, and he remarked at her artistry as she created abominations from the rats she was give to play with. However, it's not blood that she needs to work with, but semen (which puts a huge damper in her acquisition of knowledge since she has no intention of sleeping around... and who would sleep with her, anyway?).

Outside of those abilities, Saya is exceptionally good at hiding and staying hidden. No one's been able to find her when she doesn't want to be found before, and that's quite a feat considering the fact that she may smell somewhat foul as well. She can flatten herself out and hide in areas much too small for humans, or stick to walls and ceilings. (Aka she can climb up walls and squeeze through cracks.) She is a good hunter and very fast when she needs to be (she tended to catch cats and birds to eat), as well as a good cook, believe it or not. While she doesn't cook any of her catches before she eats them, she did spend a while cooking for Fuminori and trying to make the most delicious dishes for him.

first person sample:
[The phone had been easy for her to figure out, easy to manipulate and spy as other people made public calls and bemoaned everything happening to them. It ensured that she wouldn't have to ask any of the questions herself, as she could just listen attentively to others at all times while she busied herself with various tasks.

It only became hard when she found herself willing to speak out and perhaps inform the populace that she resided among them. Warn them, because despite everything, they were amusing and she might have gotten the teensiest bit attached while listening to them bicker amongst each other other.]

I just wanted to request that people avoid the top-most floor of the mall, the corner with the half-built shops that may be dangerous to any humans stepping in that direction, anyway.
Yes, I've taken up residence there. No, please don't ask any questions as to how or why.
My name is Saya. I promise that information is for your own good. No, that is not a threat.

third person sample:
The city didn't look like any semblance of an afterlife that Saya had ever read about, with its dark streets and abandoned buildings. More like something out of some post-apocalyptic science fiction where most of humanity had suddenly disappeared or died due to some illness.

She made her way through the shadowed streets, careful to duck and hide whenever she could sense something near by, grateful for the eternal night. The dark was her sanctuary, cocooning her in safety and its cool shadows, keeping her safe from humanity and even the other creatures of the night whom may wander the streets. As she explored, though, she couldn't stop her thoughts from wandering back to the questions upon her arrival. Hadn't she died? She had been so very sure that she would give her life for her children, and bloom so that she would create a world beautiful to Fuminori. It had felt like death, had echoed deep within her very cells that she would be giving up her life. Of course, there was no proof and no prior stories she could drawn upon, but Saya trusted in her own abilities and intuition. She trusted her knowledge and skills. Besides, the morgue had been rather frank about her death (although who had placed her there and not burned her upon sight, she didn't know).

Perhaps this was the future, then? But it couldn't be, if her children had spread. Even if they hadn't, humans wouldn't have died out. That hadn't been her intention. She wanted a world where they blossomed and understood each other, free of human cruelty and shallowness. Free to explore intellectually rather than react to visuals. If everyone looked the same and sounded the same, then maybe they would stop mindlessly murdering each other because of race or physical differences. Maybe she could create a world she would have been proud to live in, even if she had to give her life to do it.

So that meant this wasn't her world, and wasn't her future. She could process that. Perhaps another universe, then? Papa had told her he suspected she came from another universe, although it wasn't something either of them could prove. Had she been summoned like Papa had once summoned her? Or perhaps her death and breached into this place and this was now the new world she was to inhabit? If that was so, then it was a truly a cruel existence for her, to have to leave love when she finally found it. How many more times would she have to do that? Did she even have it within herself to endure what she had once more?

It wasn't a question she could answer, and Saya sulked as she found a spot-- abandoned and forgotten, perhaps a little like her-- where she could take refuge. Once again into the breech, then. Although this time without her Papa and without Fuminori.

case no: Random, please!


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